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Lawful Intercept – Powerful Turnkey Solutions

Mobile devices are now ubiquitous. In addition to the commercial opportunity represented by the ability to target specific services to mobile users based on their location, there are a wide range of public-sector applications that need to be supported.

Emergency service providers understand the value in being able to define the location of a mobile user to assist response times. Security services gain powerful data by tracking target mobile devices. These applications depend on the same accurate and timely provision of location information as commercial location based services.

Creativity Software has leveraged its commercial expertise to offer a range of turnkey solutions to fulfil the needs of emergency and security applications that need accurate, real time location information.

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Reliable Technology for Emergency Applications

Location Based Technology for Lawful Intercept

Creativity Software's solutions can be deployed in any network and enable any device to be located. Because Creativity Software leverages critical, but widespread technologies such as Cell ID and CITARx, they do not impose significant overheads on the network and do not require the support of specialist, GPS-enabled devices. This provides a cost-effective migration path to support public safety applications.

Creativity Software offers solutions for both emergency (E.911 / E.112) and security (Lawful Intercept) applications.

In both cases, Creativity Software is able to offer a turnkey solution, consisting of:

  • Applications
  • Middleware
  • Infrastructure, including GMLC / MPC and SMLC / PDE

Applications can be customised to the specific requirements of the agency concerned, allowing complete control over the requested information.

Emergency Applications

Creativity Software delivers a turnkey solution for the capture of sensitive location based information to assist with the provision of emergency services.

Security Applications

Creativity Software can provide an end-to-end or bespoke solution to enable exposure of location information to authorised agencies.

For more information on our Lawful Intercept solutions please download our product sheet.