Creativity Software offer License Free Location Based Services in the fight against COVID-19.

Creativity Software have the global expertise and capability to assist Governments with country-wide tracking, monitoring and supporting the measures put in place to combat COVID-19.

By implementing our three step process in IDENTIFYING – OBSERVING – MESSAGING, CS can assist in the steps required to manage this global pandemic.

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Do you have the ability in your network to locate people in real-time as requested by your health service? With the degree of accuracy they need to direct emergency response crews?

Are you able to create historical patterns of population movement automatically from your signalling data? Identify hotspots of infections? Is your existing probe/mediation system enhancing or handicapping you in this challenge?

Even if an app is introduced by the government, it will form only part of the solution. Apps are great – they provide really detailed information and draw on the power of smartphones. But not everyone will download the app*….the app won’t work on all phones all the time….but your network is always there. Always recording information. Always supporting every single subscriber. That’s why your data is the single biggest part of the solution. It’s just a question as to how best to unlock that data and use it for good.

We may need to deploy some of our technology – with a commitment to deploy the basic location capability free of license charge for the duration required to combat COVID19. It could be that you simply need advice – and that is also available from our subject matter experts without charge.

* A great illustration of the challenge facing apps is Singapore. One of the most tech savvy nations on earth, with a population with a great sense of civic purpose. One month after the track and trace app was launched there, 20% had downloaded. That is a great take up by normal measures….but wholly inadequate in terms of population track and trace. In Australia they are targeting 40% – which would be a great achievement…..but that leaves 60% uncovered….and for them, it is only network data that will suffice…your network data.

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