Creativity Software specialises in Location Based Services. Our 3rd generation platform and suite of rich solutions enable mobile operators around the world to capitalise on the LBS market.

location map

Our location platform (LocationWise) is able to calculate the location of all mobile devices across all network environments – to the highest levels of accuracy. Ultimately, this data is of value only if it is integrated into end user applications. Because we have built a full range of end user applications – from commercial to emergency services – we understand the details that make the difference to you.

Location technology is the single focus of the company – which means that the depth of understanding of your requirements has been built up over 10 years, and has resulted in an enormous library of software – developed to solve location based problems, and to deliver location based value.

All IPR is designed and owned by the company, developed and delivered from the UK. This means that the people who deploy the solution are intimately familiar with the technology details, and are not simply systems integrators. Having the full end to end solution designed, developed and supported by a single company means that the deployment is simplified, trouble shooting rests with a single, unified view, and your costs are minimised.

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