AMLWise provides a ready-to-use solution for Emergency Services and Public Safety organisations to receive and decode Android AML data.


Good news: Android handsets can now provide location data for emergency calls

  • The Google Android operating system has been evolved to directly support emergency calls.
  • During an emergency call, the Android smartphone attempts to establish a location using all available location methods. The phone calculates its position and then sends a message to a specified server.
  • This is called Advanced Mobile Location data – or AML for short
    Location accuracy can be improved to < 50m by using AML.
  • We have tested AML across Europe and deployed the solution in Latin America. We can now help you in your country.

Introducing AMLWise – a ready-to-use AML solution for the Emergency Services

AMLWise, from Creativity Software, is a ready-to-use solution that enables you to receive and decode AML data, fully integrated with your Computer-Aided Despatch (CAD) software, or other third party systems.

AMLWise is offered as a secure hosted or on premises solution, that can be set up and ready to receive Android AML data in as little as 2 weeks.

We will also guide you through the Google registration process, helping you provide all the relevant information – liaising with Google and the mobile network operators on your behalf to ensure a smooth implementation.

The benefits of AMLWise are:

  • Rapid deployment – Our ready-to-use solutions, including secure hosted, mean they are easily and rapidly implemented.
  • AML data for your CAD systemAMLWise decodes and sends AML data to your CAD system, or third party software.
  • Cost effective – an affordable solution, that minimises the time and cost involved in implementing and managing the project.
  • Google registration process – we work on your behalf to get Android AML data activated in your region, so you can start receiving it as soon as possible.
  • Future proof – our support covers future updates to AML and any other mobile OS deploying AML.
  • Extend to network location dataAMLWise is part of our LocationWise  platform, so can easily be extended to integrate alongside a GMLC. LocationWise can utilise AML and network information together to calculate and select the most accurate location.

Creativity Software (CS) was the first company to implement an Android AML solution outside Europe. As an Advisory Board member of EENA, CS has tested AML across the EU as part of the EC funded programme HELP112.

Five Reasons to Choose AMLWise

1. Management of multiple locations
AML provides another source of location data. AMLWise allows you to easily handle multiple sources of location – network and AML – without changing your own systems.

2. Intelligent location analysis
AML can be implemented to push its location, at regular intervals. If this changes or its accuracy varies how can you determine which one to use? AMLWise provides the ability to manage this information to intelligently determine a callers’ location.

3. Google registration process
We’ve implemented AML already and have been through the Google process. We can guide you through this, to make it as seamless as possible.

4. Mobile Network Operators
Our background has been working with mobile network operators. We can help liaise with them and manage the legal and privacy concerns they will have, reducing the time dealing with this.

5. Future developments
AML is new, so will be enhanced and improved in the future. Likely improvements could mean that network signaling data will be included. This information could be used to reduce the AML failure rate – but would require a location calculator to pinpoint the mobile device.

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