Big Data Analytics

ARCdata is an Open platform which conforms to 3GPP standards for Probing and Visualization.

Proven Integration with leading OSS probe vendors (Netscout, Empirix, Anritsu)​ – including Multi–probe capability and proven integration with leading Analytical vendors (AWS, MS Azure, Hadoop, HortonWorks)​

Ability to be Virtualized (VM/NFV) and Cloud based (Private or Public i.e. AWS, Azure, Google)​.

  • Low Utilization of environment resources.
  • Flexibility to adapt to target environment.
  • Advanced Non-intrusive techniques.
  • Aligned with TM Forum Frameworx

Optional location enrichment of network data – drawing on the core LBS competence of CS.

ARCdata Overcomes the typical Ingestion Challenges

  • Vendor lock-in on data sourcing & treatment
  • OSS Probe vendor prevents innovation
  • Vast amount of data to ingest (10s of Billion records/day)

ARCdata unblocks these challenges

  • By using an Open architecture
    • Mobile network equipment sources – Ericsson, Nokia and Huawei
    • OSS vendors sources – Netscout, Empirix & Viavi
    • Other Sources; BSS, Wi-Fi, IoT, M2M
    • Multi-source capability
    • Stream and/or batch ingestion
  • By providing High capacity
    • Designed to handle up to Tier 1 operator levels of data
    • 10’s of billions of records, daily

ARCdata turns Raw data into Information (Management)

  • Management challenges
    • Organizational silos block
    • No single source of truth
    • Inability to react to new market demands
    • Costs & inflexibility
  • ARCdata unblocks these challenges
    • Platform independence
    • Single source of truth for all parts of the business (prevents silos)
    • Freedom to choose best in class
    • Realtime information
  • Simplicity of Delivery
    • Low upfront costs for significant ROI
    • Minimal disruption to existing environment
    • Advanced non-intrusive techniques
    • Timely, no large projects to implement
    • Time to Revenue: Weeks not Months/Years
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