CS LocationWise

LocationWise is the core of our technology proposition. An innovative, dependable & proven platform delivering highly accurate mobile location data & sophisticated processing functionality.

Locationwise Map

LocationWise delivers all generations of GMLC / SMLC for GSM, UMTS, LTE & CDMA. Within a single, unified innovative, dependable and proven platform. It calculates highly accurate mobile location data to satisfy all application requirements – from financial sector fraud mitigation to 911/112 emergency service support. Delivered by Creativity Software (CS) – an award winning UK company with global deployments.

  • Full range of Location accuracy – from cellid to 50 metres to A-GPS sub 5 metre  – all in one, scalable platform.
  • A highly sophisticated location platform that is more than GMLC/SMLC – LocationWise has a fully integrated middleware layer with configurable integration to your OSS in all network types – CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G & beyond, fully 3GPP compliant.
  • Inbuilt O&M functionality includes automated cell tower processing, reporting & element management,  advanced Business Intelligence capabilities, subscriber visualisation & analysis (VIP Mapping), with fully developed APIs to BSS (provisioning, billing, messaging…)
  • Scalable and controllable from 2TPS to 2000 TPS – deployed as stand alone or hub/cloud.

Which means you get everything you need with one configurable software end-to-end solution.

  • Proven IOT/integration with E///, HWA, ALU, NSN, ZTE
  • Mature solution, at 3rd generation release
  • To 3GPP standards with no “black box” interfaces
  • Designed to accommodate all data sources – including passive probes & A-GPS & switch log data

Which means you have an agile solution designed to meet the requirements of your network environment

  • Event driven LCS Client requests from LEA for monitoring / tracking
  • VAS for mobile advertising & other revenue generating services
  • Data mining to support QoS & BI functions
  • All across a set of functionality that is an integrated part of LocationWise architecture

Which means you have a single, cost effective management layer. Above a sophisticated location platform

  • GMLC / SMLC for GSM
  • GMLC / SAS for UMTS
  • eGMLC / eSMLC for LTE
  • MPC / PDE for CDMA
  • All within the same, configurable software architecture.
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