Location Applications

Our end-to-end expertise in LBS enables us to offer a range of cost-effective building block products that create a robust, fault tolerant architecture.

AdvertWise Image

Location Based Services Applications

Creativity Software’s extensive range of VAS Location Based Services applications and solutions enable MNOs to address the needs of different consumer and market segments. We can help you unlock the data revenue opportunity presented by location-enabled services through proven applications.

AdvertWise is a ground breaking technology platform that allows MNOs to apply location intelligence to advertising solutions for international brands – delivering targeted messages, at a time relevant to and convenient for the consumer.

FamilyWise is an easily deployable “friend and family finder” solution that enables a simple-to-use, real-time tracking solution that delivers peace of mind, 24/7.

TrackWise is a sophisticated Location Client (LC) application for Law Enforcement that delivers powerful geofencing, tracking, and alerting features, using real-time data.

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