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AdvertWise is a ground breaking technology platform that allows MNOs to apply location intelligence to advertising solutions for international brands.

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Location Based Services for Marketing & Advertising

Using the AdvertWise platform, MNOs can create real business opportunities for their enterprise clients by giving them the power to directly target mobile subscribers with location based services for marketing.

AdvertWise is a feature-rich location based advertising solution that uses predictive analytics to generate highly specific groups of target consumers.  Adverts can then be sent in advance of consumers visiting particular geo-zones, with messages relevant to the time and place in which they are received.

With AdvertWise, clients can run highly targeted mobile marketing campaigns in a pre-defined geographical area based on demographic and behavioural data, providing maximum impact with minimal spend.

AdvertWise integrates easily with many different systems, whether CRM or analytical systems (Siebel, SAS, Clarify), transactional logs (Content Systems, IVR, WAP, Web), billing logs (IN Systems, Payments systems), opt-out channels (Call Centre, IVR, Web, SMS) or any other systems (log files or exports in CSV format).

We can use active signalling, or passive monitoring signalling probes or other passive data collection mechanisms to get the location of mobile data from the network.

AdvertWise. A highly-effective way to offer a cutting-edge marketing service to your enterprise customers. Deployment models include on-premise platform installation or cloud-based service. Get in touch today to discover how it can work best for you.

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