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FamilyWise is an easily deployable “friend and family finder” solution that enables a simple-to-use, real-time tracking solution.

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Mobile operators are seeing a growing demand for “family finders” – Location Based Services that enable their end users to find their loved ones. FamilyWise is a ready-to deploy Family Finder application that lets mobile subscribers locate their friends or family members at the touch of a button. Using real-time tracking it lets them see the location of their child’s mobile phone without making a call or sending a text message. FamilyWise gives parents piece of mind. FamilyWise meets the needs of subscribers and allows MNOs to go to market quickly with a compelling Family Finder service.

FamilyWise – the easy way for MNOs to address this growing market

Creativity Software created FamilyWise in 2004 to provide a ready-to-run family finder solution so that MNOs could address this expanding market quickly and with minimal investment.

FamilyWise offers a range of deployment options, that make it ideal for both individual and corporate users. FamilyWise can be provided as a purely SMS-based service with no web element, ideal for mass consumer market use. We can also offer it as a text-plus-web-based interface, making it more attractive for corporate use.

Both options are available as a white label (non-branded) application or as a hosted / managed service.

  • Ideal for mass market or corporate users
  • Flexible deployment options: white label or hosted/ manage service
  • SMS only or SMS plus web based versions
  • Integrates with all map services
  • Pay as you go model
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