TrackWise is a sophisticated Location Client (LC) application for Law Enforcement that delivers powerful geofencing, tracking, and alerting features.

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TrackWise is a sophisticated Location Client (LC) application for Law Enforcement that delivers powerful geo-fencing, tracking, and alerting features. TrackWise supports a range of targeting and interception modes. Because TrackWise uses a combination of MSISDN / IMSI and the most accurate network-derived location techniques, it can be used to track any target mobile device. It does not require any software on the device itself, and will operate successfully whenever a device is switched on. Location can be obtained irrespective of whether the target is inside or outside a building: as long as there is mobile coverage, the location can be resolved.

Targets can be identified in real-time via MSISDN for an immediate location update with the result displayed on a suitable map. Accuracy levels are the best available in the industry, ensuring optimal resolution of location at all times and under any situation.

In addition to real-time updates, targets can be tagged for periodic tracking. Multiple targets can be set in the system, with the result that a number of targets within the same case can be tracked simultaneously.

Similarly, historic data can be parsed so that movement can be replayed based on time or date, with multiple combinations of targets being possible.

Geo-fencing allows specific geographic areas to be defined, which, in combination with triggers and alerts, enable operatives to track targets continuously or when alarms are received. Definition of geographic areas of interest can be enhanced by the inclusion of Points of Interest (POIs).

Comprehensive logging and auditing capabilities enable operators to review cases and analyse activity through time. As a powerful Location Client application for Law Enforcement, TrackWise is a convenient addition to Creativity Software’s LocationWise platform or an addition to third party solutions.

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