Creative Software Global Supplier of Innovative, Value Adding LBS Solutions to Mobile Network Operators, Government Agencies and the Finance Sector

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Location Based Service Solutions for Industries

Creativity Software specialises in Location Based Services. Our turnkey and extensible solutions have enabled mobile operators around the world to capitalise on the LBS market opportunity and meet the requirements of emergency and law enforcement regulations.

Mobile Network Operators

  • Exploit your rich location data to combat or enhance OTT service providers
  • Deploy location intelligence to satisfy the advertising requirements of international brands
  • Meet regulatory requirements with the highest accuracy location platform.

112 Emergency Services

  • Exceptional and reliable accuracy integrated towards all PSAPs, regardless of CAD structure
  • Across 2G, 3G, LTE & A-GNSS/A-GPS
  • Meet FCC/911/112 Requirements

Law Enforcement

  • Locate any mobile across all networks with exceptional and reliable accuracy
  • Covers all domestic subscribers as well as inbound & outbound roamers
  • Sophisticated geo-tracking & analytics provided to case officers across a web based application


  • Reduce fraudulent card transactions in real-time – and close off one more avenue for fraud
  • Simultaneously lower False Positives – protecting revenue and improving customer satisfaction
  • Fully compliant with data privacy, meeting all your regulatory and security requirements
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