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Using mobile location intelligently to respond to emergency calls quickly and accurately.

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Improve Emergency Call Response Time with Accurate Location Based Services

For the emergency services, establishing the callers’ location quickly and accurately saves lives. With mobile now accounting for 75%+ of all emergency calls, achieving accurate mobile caller locations is vitally important. Combining traditional mobile network information, through GMLC and SMLC technologies, with new Advanced Mobile Locations (AML) the caller location can be established quickly and accurately, improving response times and saving lives.

Our 112 Emergency Services Location Capabilities

We have two offerings:

LocationWise – Solution for Mobile Network Operators

Many Mobile Network Operators (MNO) have an obligation to provide highly accurate caller location to support 911/112 emergency services. Creativity Software (CS) has delivered against the most stringent requirements:  consistent, measurable and highly accurate location data, integrated towards PSAPs.  In many countries, there is a 50 metre specification, as per the USA FCC table.  CS has delivered against this in Latin America.

CS is currently providing technology & expertise to the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme to ensure that the latest device capabilities are embraced by Next Generation emergency services systems.

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AMLWise – Solution for PSAPs

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) can improve emergency call handling by improving the location information they receive during an emergency call. Using AML and a GMLC can help PSAP call operators quickly locate a caller and direct the emergency service to the location quickly and accurately.

AMLWise provides a ready-to-use solution for Emergency Services and Public Safety organisations to receive and decode Android AML data. Fully integrated with your Command and Despatch (CAD) system, contact centre or third party software, the LocationWise platform can provide location data alongside the emergency call, with minimal delay. With a sophisticated location algorithm, LocationWise can utilize multiple sources of location information and then intelligently select the most likely location of the caller.

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Our Emergency Services Experience

CS provides the Emergency Services and Public Safety organisations with unparalleled location performance and accuracy. LocationWise provides intelligent locations for the emergency services by combining device and network data together to calculate the mobile callers’ position accurately.

Help 112 Project Member: CS is driving the HELP 112 project – formulating advice for the EU on the design, implementation and execution of the transfer of GNSS data during an E112 call to a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Read more about it here.

EENA Board Advisor: CS is an Advisory Board member of EENA, the European Emergency Number Association. This organisation advises the European Union on all matters regarding mobile location data provision to emergency services (E112). This gives us a unique experience and knowledge of how to achieve accurate and fast location in a working Emergency Service environment.

Location Specialists: With fifteen years experience in delivering mobile location solutions to emergency, intelligence and law enforcement agencies and mobile networks worldwide. CS is a global leader in providing high accuracy mobile location data for Emergency Services.


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