Driving Revenue with Big Data

The vast amounts of data within every mobile network hold enormous value. 

Derived mostly from signalling data, this provides insights to movements and behaviours of entire populations and sub-sets of populations. The value is able to be enjoyed by mobile network operators, and a vast range of industry and government users

CASE STUDY:  European Tier 1 Operator


  • Operator already sells data to government and enterprise customers
  • This data enables various planning, analytical and marketing services
  • There is increasing demand for more data, in different formats, to answer different questions and expose broader consumer patterns of behaviour

Operator challenges​

  • Probe-to-App vendor impeding new Analytics solutions being launched​
  • Impossible to consume proprietary probe data output format ​
  • Long lead times for probe vendor to address problem – leading to delay in new service launches​ – which further delays operator revenues
  • High adaptation costs – reduces profits

ARCdata Solution

  • Adjunct data ingestion module taking all existing probe feeds​
  • No rip and replace costs​
  • No probe vendor adaptation costs due to ARCdata flexibility​
  • Multi-node solution to address commercial and legal use cases​
  • Removing additional incumbent cost exposure with seamless parallel routing​
  • Flexibility to onboard any analytics partners with customized data formatting and output per partner​ leads to rapid turnaround​
  • Revenue rising with new use cases now able to be launched every month
  • Costs have been reduced to a fraction of those projected with incumbent – so profits increase​

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