Unblocking Valuable Network Data

The enormous value within the vast amounts of mobile network data can be difficult for some operators to release.

Due to a range of potential blockages, the value which could be realised from network data, can be difficult to release. Which of these are you experiencing?

  • Vendor lock-in on data sourcing & treatment​
  • End-to-end Probe to Analytics vendors prevents innovation​
  • Difficulty in on-boarding new analytics providers​
  • Cost & inflexibility in extending event probes​
  • Vast amount of data being collected
  • Inaccessible/poor quality data​
  • Organizational silos block ​
  • Vendor block on new Analytics providers​
  • Inability to provide required information to business leaders​
  • Expensive extension of probes to new data sources

These can all contribute to difficulties, making you unable to react to new market demands for:​

  • Digital Transformation​
  • New use cases and requirements ​– especially over 5G​
  • Smart Cities, IoT & M2M​ application enablement
  • Obtaining meaningful information in Realtime

This lack of flexibility means that you are losing potential revenue and incurring higher and increasing costs to mitigate the problems via your existing vendors.

Our Solution to these challenges is ARCdata.

ARCdata transforms raw network data into valuable information​ – and unblocks the revenue streams​.

​It is different because it is platform independent – probe/analytics vendor agnostic​. Which in turn reduces your dependence on inflexible vendors and platforms.​

With a simplicity of delivery​ that means it now takes just weeks (not the months or even years your existing vendors take!) to introduce new value adding solutions​.

Providing you with a Competitive Edge​ in an increasingly demanding market, rapidly opening to the world of analytical and other solutions providers who leverage your data to generate even greater value.

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