Law Enforcement Agencies

We offer a comprehensive range of location-enabling solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies which deliver exceptional accuracy and global coverage.

Law Enforcement Services

Location Based Services for Law Enforcement Agencies

Creativity Software (CS) has provided geo-location solutions for law enforcement and homeland security agencies in the most demanding environments in the world. Case officers combatting terrorism and organised crime, as well as forensic investigations all benefit from the end-to-end tracking solution available from CS. Nationwide, 24/7 and undetectable by criminals, the CS solution can be deployed for single mobile networks, or centralised coverage of all service providers in a country. Proven to 50 metres, and covering all network technologies – from 2G to 4G, including CDMA.

The core requirements that we continually deliver against are:

  • Mass Movement monitoring and data gathering
  • High Accuracy target tracking and monitoring
  • Roaming Tracking and monitoring : inbound and outbound
  • Evidence gathering
  • Border monitoring

The ability to detect accurately the location of all mobile device users in country, and also those roaming overseas, makes the CS solution the most powerful tool available on the market. It is also the most flexible – with remote, fully hosted services available with go-live cycles of less than 7 days.

We integrate with partner technologies to incorporate tactical device (direction finder), ANPR and CCTV capabilities as a turnkey solution.

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